Job Brief

May 2021 ι VOLUME 12 ι ISSUE 4
Training - the Key to Self Sufficiency
Success Story

Vanessa Diaz
Vanessa Diaz was working two jobs as she struggled to maintain her independence and become self-sufficient. However, the low wages she received as a retail clerk in addition to a job providing clerical support in an office did not provide health benefits for her or her family. Vanessa's desire was to work in the medical field, a high demand industry in Southeast Texas.

Diaz visited the workforce center and applied for Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) assistance with the goal of receiving a training scholarship. She worked closely with her workforce career manager, developed her Individual Employment Plan outlining her career pathway. Diaz received the scholarship and began taking training courses for the Medical Administration Assistant credential at the Hughes Institute of Healthcare Professional Studies. Additionally, Diaz began an internship with a local healthcare center.

Vanessa successfully completed her coursework and received her occupational credential. The office manager at the healthcare center offered Diaz full time employment with benefits and she received a pay increase shortly after beginning her permanent job. Diaz is now self-sufficient and feels the job is a great first step into moving her career up in the medical field.

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