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May 2020 ι VOLUME 11 ι ISSUE 4
Work In Texas
Phase II - Open Texas
Governor Greg Abbott continues to Open Texas in Phase II and announced additional business openings and an increase in general activity for the state. Abbott stressed that health guidelines published by the Department of Health and Human Services are to continue to be followed closely during the reactivation of the state's economy. Additionally, the governor's plan includes an increase in testing and contact tracing for COVID19 in an on-going effort to minimize the spread of the virus.

Critical to the success of Open Texas are the Checklists designed to aid individuals, businesses, and communities in the safe revitalization of the economy. Checklists for various sectors of the state's economy, including Museums and Libraries, Retailers, Wedding Venues, Churches and Place of Worship, Offices, Waterparks and Gyms, have been updated. The updated information may be accessed at this link,

According to executive orders issued in May, Bars may reopen and restaurants may serve up to 50 percent of their facility's original capacity. Child care centers, Youth Clubs, and entertainment venues such as bowling alleys, skating rinks, Rodeos, to name a few, may also open.

During Phase II of Open Texas, please continue to check our website,, for current information regarding workforce services, subsidized childcare, adult education and literacy, training, and other services provided by our partners such as Vocational Rehabilitation and the Texas Veterans Commission. Our goal remains to provide the highest level of customer service to our communities while working with local and state entities to help maintain the health and safety of all concerned.

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