Job Brief

March 2021 ι VOLUME 12 ι ISSUE 2
Success Story
Milton Freeman.
Success Story: A First Start to Self-Sufficiency
Milton Freeman was an unemployed youth when he first arrived at the workforce center and actually never held a real job in his young life. The barriers he faced for employment included having no work history, being basic skills deficiency, and needing his high school equivalency. Milton wanted to earn his GED and start a career pathway. His workforce career specialist immediately enrolled Milton in sessions for his GED.

To help Milton gain 'real-world' work experience, his workforce specialist placed him in an entry level maintenance and equipment position working for a local city government. The site supervisors at the city were pleased with his quality of work, his ability to perform as a team player, and overall work ethics. Milton worked at the city and successfully obtained his GED at the same time. The city was unable to hire Milton due to budget constraints. However, Milton was able to purchase a truck with his earnings and found work at Wal Mart. When the City's budget allowed, the city supervisor contacted Milton and offered him a job in their maintenance department. Milton is now earning self-sufficient wages with benefits and continues to perform his job at an exceptional level, according to his supervisor.

Milton expressed gratefulness for the support and guidance he received through the workforce center for helping him to earn his GED and getting a great start in the world of work. Through his commitment, partnership, and coordination with the workforce, he is on the path to self-sufficiency. Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas congratulates Milton on being selected a one of the 2020 Workforce Ambassadors.

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