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March 2021 ι VOLUME 12 ι ISSUE 2
Work In Texas
Workforce Grant Helps Local Communities Recover
The strong partnership between workforce development and local municipalities and humanitarian entities, such as the Southeast Texas Food Bank, has allowed for an effective and proven response to the recovery process throughout the Southeast Texas region. With the receipt of approximately $2.2 million dollars in National Dislocated Worker (NDW) grant funds, the Board once again joined local cities, counties, and other municipalities in recovery and humanitarian efforts for COVID-19 and Hurricane Laura, just one of several natural disasters that impacted our area in 2020.

NDW grants are supplemental resources allocated to areas in response to major events that severely impact the infrastructure and overwhelm the economic resources available to overcome the effects of the event. The COVID-19 National Dislocated Worker grant allowed the Board to assist local city, county, and regional emergency response consortiums to fill temporary positions for skilled, experienced workers. Positions filled with the assistance of NDW grants funding include Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN), Registered Nurse (RN), Nurses Assistant (C.N.A.), Contact Tracer, Disease Investigator, Data Entry Clerk, Custodian, and Sanitizer positions.

Grant funding for the Hurricane Laura event provided temporary employment for unemployed residents to assist with clean-up and recovery throughout the workforce development area. Local municipalities hired Case managers, Construction supervisors, Maintenance workers, Laborers, and Utility workers. The workforce board recently received an acknowledgement from the City of Port Arthur's Mayor, City Council, and city leaders as to the effectiveness of the grant funding. Port Arthur was able to put as many as 22 unemployed individuals to work within several departments to clean up after the storm and to expand COVID-19 pandemic assistance. "This partnership has helped to tremendously improve impacted areas of the city and the quality of life of the citizens", stated City Manager Ron Burton.

The workforce board continues to work with other humanitarian entities such as Orange County Rebuild and Jefferson County Long-Term Recovery to provide temporary NDW-funded workers to assist with the recovery from Hurricane Laura.

All services through the NDW grants are provided in compliance with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and other applicable federal statues, regulations, policies, and guidance. If you have questions regarding National Dislocated Worker (NDW) grants, please contact the board's administrative office at 409-719-4750.

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