Job Brief

June 2019 ι VOLUME 10 ι ISSUE 4
Workforce Board Releases New Outreach Video
The Board's Marketing committee has approved the release of a new video to improve awareness and engagement of the workforce system in Southeast Texas. Additionally, the video is designed to bring attention to the increased manpower needs in our area due to industrial expansions, new businesses, and overall economic and business growth. The 'manifesto' video, focuses on the inclusion of workers from various backgrounds, including Veterans, parents, workers with disabilities, and individuals attending college and career schools.

"The message is to become engaged in the workforce and take advantage of the economic health of Southeast Texas through acquiring skills to compete for employment in our diverse industry base", stated Marilyn Smith. The videos can be accessed through job search activity on the Internet using key word statements such as "jobs near me", "child care", and "interview questions" in on-line search engines.

The digital campaign is also supported by new text ads, animated banner ads, and specific retargeting ads connected to new, informational landing pages. A shorter version of the outreach video, focusing on engaging job seekers can be viewed on our workforce Facebook page,

A World-Class Competitive Workforce for Southeast Texas.