June 2013 - Vol4 Issue 6


On-the-Job Training:  Success “In the Lanes”

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In Southeast Texas, a maintenance mechanic usually means working in one of the many local refineries and chemical plants here in the area. However, this time – the job opportunity was at the bowling alley! Max Bowl in Port Arthur needed a ‘maintenance mechanic’, not to repair refinery equipment, but to maintain the mechanical equipment in their very popular bowling alley business. Employer Solutions representatives in the Port Arthur Center worked with Max Bowl to find the appropriate candidate to train for the mechanic position. Jacob “Jake” Bland wanted to improve his work skills and earn self-sufficient wages. Bland was hired by Max Bowl and placed in an on-the-job training position. During this time, Bland was trained to operate and maintain mechanical equipment, repair machinery and fixtures, troubleshoot and replace parts, in addition to light welding. According to Employer Solutions Specialist Becky Andrews, “These skills are in-demand and are transferable to many jobs in Southeast Texas.”

Jacob has been promoted from trainee to Assistant Maintenance Mechanic. Doug Davidson, chief operating officer for Max Bowl commented, “Jake had no bowling mechanical experience but was willing to learn. Without the Workforce partnership it would have been hard for us to hire him without experience. He is doing well and we are happy to have him.”

On-the-Job Training (OJT) provides an opportunity for eligible individuals who possess some job-related skills and the knowledge to "learn as they earn". The employer benefits by being reimbursed for part of the participant’s wages during the training period, while having the services of a full-time employee.

For more information on how your company may benefit from On-the-Job Training opportunities, please contact our Employer Solutions Representatives at 1-877-834-JOBS(5627).

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