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August 2021 ι VOLUME 12 ι ISSUE 7
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The Southeast Texas workforce development board is Scheduled to meet October 5, 2021, 9:30 am. Please visit our website , for details.
Southeast Increases Job Search requirement as Employment Improves
International Paper Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas workforce board approved the increase in weekly job search activity to -5- for individuals receiving unemployment benefits during the August 10, 2021 meeting. Economic indicators such as an improving unemployment, July 2021 rate calculated by TWC at 9.8 percent for July
2021, down 1.2 percent from June, aided in the decision. Reports from workforce center staff also indicated more employers and job seekers participating in hiring activity, in-person and Virtual job fair. Individuals receiving unemployment benefits are required to register for work and be able and available for employment. Job search activity requirements can be met through participating in job fairs and hiring events, attending workshops to create resumes and improve interviewing skills, and completing certain skills enhancement courses, such as those available through the Metrics Online learning platform.

Improving employment throughout Texas also brings extended unemployment benefits to an end. According to the recent Texas Workforce Commission press release, extended benefits will end September 11, 2021, as the state's UI rate dipped below 6.5 percent to 6.2 percent in July.

Although the unemployment rate is declining and employment is improving at a steady pace, Southeast remains in the top -3- highest unemployment areas in the state. Our workforce center staff and partners are diligently assisting individuals looking for work and employers who are in need of skilled, experienced workers. All Southeast Texas workforce centers remain open to the public. We encourage visitors to utilize masks and practice social distancing to help mitigate exposure to Covid-19. Many required orientations for customers are available on-line, via our website and our YouTube channel.

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Workforce Relocates Silsbee Workforce Center
Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas is pleased to announce that Silsbee Workforce Center has relocated to 975 Highway 327, in Silsbee, Texas. The location is known as the Palm Center to residents of Hardin County.

Workforce Solutions will share the 3,700 square-foot space with our partners, Region 5 Education Service Center and Vocational Rehabilitation Services. Job seekers and employers in Hardin County will have access to a Resource area with six (6) computers for job search and employment services activity. There is a large classroom which can be utilized for meetings, workshops, and other events. Mary Hammon, executive director, stated, "We are very excited to be invited to collaborate with Region 5 Education Service Center at this location. The Palm Center provides easy access, a pleasant atmosphere, and will allow us to provide the full array of workforce assistance to Hardin County."

Region 5 Education Services Center will offer classes for basic skills, remediation, and various learning opportunities. A Vocational Rehabilitation case worker will also be available by appointment.

The new location for Workforce Solutions Silsbee Center is scheduled to be open and available to the public after Labor Day. Please call the Board's administrative office at 409-719-4750, if you have questions.

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