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August 2020 ι VOLUME 11 ι ISSUE 7
August 2020 - UI Claimant Outreach Update
UI outreach
In August, the Southeast Texas workforce outreach to Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits claimants was abbreviated due to the mandatory evacuation for Hurricane Laura. Staff assisted UI Claimants with completing applications, updating and uploading Resumes, in addition to offering training opportunities and providing referrals to appropriate jobs.

1,394 UI Claimants Contacted by WF center staff

1,249 Total Number of Referrals to one or more jobs

34 UI Claimants hired as of August 20, 2020

As of August 15, 2020, the Texas Workforce Commission reported the Top Five UI Claim Industries in Jefferson, Orange and Hardin counties as follows:
  1. Limited-service restaurants
  2. Oil and gas pipeline construction
  3. All other non-residential trade contractors
  4. Full-service restaurants
  5. Industrial building construction
Please continue to visit the Southeast Texas Dashboard on for additional UI claimant data.

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