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April 2019 ι VOLUME 10 ι ISSUE 2
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Workforce Solutions Sponsors Teacher Externship
Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas has been awarded a $40,565 grant from Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) to host a Teacher Externship program during the summer of 2019.

The grant is part of the $1.4 million Statewide Activity funds to help workforce development boards create a competitive workforce and strengthen the connection between education and industry through hands-on experiences for teachers. During the Externship, 25 (twenty five) middle and high school teachers and counselors from three local school districts, Beaumont, West Orange Cove Consolidated, and Port Arthur, will spend a week in local petrochemical refineries to experience various industry-related occupations.

The selected educators will experience the day-to-day, real world manufacturing environment, shadowing employees working in roles closely associated to the subjects they teach. The partnering industrial sites include members of Industry of Southeast Texas (ISET), a non-profit organization of chemical and refining plants. The educators will then create and present lesson plans designed to transfer the knowledge and skill-set experiences in the refinery to students. During their time at the host-company, educators will receive a human resources overview from the refinery staff and participate in facility tours.

We would like to thank our partners, ISET host-companies, school districts, and Region 5 Education Service Center, for their collaboration in developing and implementing the Teacher Externship. Our partners will contribute $37,000 (47.7 percent) in leveraged funds to match grant funding; 53.3 percent of the cost of this program will be funded by federal money.

For more information regarding the Teacher Externship, please contact Lauren Van Gerven at (409) 719.4756 or email,

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